Cancer, Part 2: Day 21: Kick me when I’m down

I’ve been feeling down the last couple days. I thought I was down because, well…you know, having Cancer and all that. But my throat has been hurting, I’m feverish, achy and so so tired. This morning I started panicking. Will I be able to have surgery with a fever? So I went to see my GP and sure enough, strep throat 🙁 So now I’m on antibiotics and am in bed. 

I was so upset this morning. We are all supposed to go out tomorrow night, wear something ridiculously low cut, have some fun! My last night of fun times for a while, and here I am sick. What a way to kick someone when they are down 🙁

I’ve been told I can still have my surgery, but I’ve been strangely panicking about my nipple. I’m going to lose feeling in it. It will be there, be attached, but just for show. It will be flat and just there. I never really considered what it would be like to lose a part of you, even something so relatively small and minor.

I keep trying my very best to keep it all in perspective but my fever is probably making me feel a bit more sensitive than usual.