Cancer, Part 2: Day 16: It’s a Spanish Inquisition!

I’m feeling a bit hollow the last couple of days. There’s a quiet rumble happening inside me.

We got into an argument with a guy who works at the school on our street about a massive medical bin that keeps being left outside on the pavement, stinking us out. It got pretty heated and for some reason the guy shouted something along the lines of “I’ve got more important things to worry about, I’ve got someone dying of cancer!”

So I shouted back, “I’VE GOT CANCER YOU STUPID F*CK!” or something along those lines…

He set me off as we had just come back from a stressful meeting with my surgeon where he sized me up for my implants. So what a weird thing for this guy to say, and how timely of him.

I keep thinking of this scene in a Star Trek movie where Chekov is in an accident. He’s taken to the doctor and there is this great scene where Bones walks through a hospital.

I think of my genome testing. I think of how I could die before I’m cured. How people might look back in 50 years and see what I’m going through as so old school, so horrible, that it looks like the dark ages.

And it makes me feel so sad. Why do we not have a way of curing cancer? Why do we not have a way to improve people’s lives instead of damaging them further?