Fasting :(

I’ve learnt two really important things about myself today:

1. I’m terrible at fasting

2. I’m terrible at fasting

Omg I’m so bad at it. As soon as you tell me I can’t have my coffee or I can’t have a bit of toast then I become an obsessed animal, it’s all I want!

I had to fast for my CT Angiogram this morning. Hiked all the way up to north London for a 5 minute scan. Every time I have a test they do something new to me. Today they put contrast liquid in my belly button and covered over it with a plaster. They wanted to get an image of my blood vessels for when they pull them out on Saturday and reposition them a bit further north, haha!

Thank you for everyone who has reached out, I am very up and down, but I know by the time Saturday comes around I’ll probably be so fed up with homeschooling that I’ll welcome being put under!! 😂😂😂