F*ing Cold!?

Apparently we’re experiencing a ‘cold snap’ in the UK. I honestly can’t remember it being this cold here ever, and I grew up in Missouri where we used to get snow constantly. In Fahrenheit we’d easily get into the minuses when I was little. We aren’t anywhere near that here but because of my peripheral neuropathy I feel the cold much worse than before and all my friends can tell you that I’m cold all the time anyway!
I had to move my meetings to telephone calls today so I could work from the warmth of my bed. It’s just too cold. I’m cold even sitting here but when I get really cold then I’m in pain. You know that pins and needles pain you get when your leg or arm falls asleep? I have that in my fingers and toes. Most days I only have it for the first couple of minutes when I get out of bed in the morning. But when it’s cold like today, I have it all day. All I can do is keep as warm as possible. Hot drinks, hot water bottles and lots of layers!!