My Scaffolding

I went to get some soup during lunch at work yesterday and as I turned a corner I realised something was different. It took me a minute to realise that a building that had been being renovated when I went on sick leave was finished. Loads and loads of scaffolding that had been hiding the work was all gone and in place was a new, shiny place.
I sat at my desk and was eating my soup and saw the bruise on my hand from my cannula that was put in for my port surgery a few weeks ago and got a bit teary.
When I went to the bathroom I saw my bruises from my heparin injections on my thighs, still not healed from when I received them back in August.
I realised that I am like that building, my scaffolding has been taken away but there are still things that are being fixed, healing that is still taking place. I’ve resolved to working hard to give myself the space and time to be able to really be myself again. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, and I’ve not had any expectations on how I would feel this time around, but I’m happy and thankful for these small signs to take better care of myself.