100% Devon

Well hello there! Yes it’s me, 100% Devon with no more borg implants sticking through my skin, making me feel less human and more ‘resistance is futile’.
I’m back to my full self though the whole ordeal was a bit stressful. Something around my liver not functioning properly and it turning out to be the antibiotics I was on. But fast forward to today and it’s already been two days since my port was taken out. I’m a bit sore but otherwise okay. I’m trying to figure out who I am again post-second time survivor of cancer craziness. I’ve been trying to stay busy, making plans, trying to feel strong and brave and all the things that people think I am.
But mostly lately I’m just trying to stay positive. I want to make a conscious effort to reduce risk and to be fit this year. I want to enjoy more of the sunshine and laugh a lot more. So what’s next? I start going back to work (very slowly) next week. Then I turn 39 in March (ack!!?) and at the end of March I have an MRI and Pet CT to make sure I’m still cancer-free. In April we go to Thailand for a couple weeks (dream holiday!). And the rest is just having fun and staying busy. Sounds good to me! xoxoxo