Terrible Cough :(

I feel like so much has happened since I last posted, but then I looked at the dates and it’s not actually been very long!
We went on a holiday to France and Evie had ski lessons for the full week. Our chalet was amazing as it overlooked where she was having her lessons so I got to spy on her the whole time. It really was so relaxing, being cooked for and cleaned up after, I felt like I got some actual rest. But mid-week I started to develop a fever. It was there one day, gone the next. We got back to London Sunday afternoon and it’s been mostly downhill since then. I went to the GP Monday and Tuesday and finally they told me they think I have pneumonia. Elliott was amazing and called the cancer centre and they agreed to run a bunch of tests. Blood work and a chest x-ray later and they say I don’t have pneumonia! It’s really good news but I still have a fever. They put me on antibiotics ‘just in case’ and now I’ve got the worst stomach pain. I can’t win!
But the really bad part is that I have a terrible cough. If I still have this cough in a few days I’ll have to postpone my surgery next week as they won’t do it if I have any respiratory issues. I’ve been looking forward to having my port out for SO long 🙁 I’ve felt like it’s the last thing and then I’m really finally done and can get back to living my life.
Right before our holiday we had a long appointment with my oncologist and asked her loads of questions. The first one was “Should I leave my port in?” She said no, that there’s no reason to leave it in. My PET scan in the summer showed no cancer and that’s when we KNEW I had cancer. We’ve scheduled another scan for end of March when my bone marrow has had more time to recover. If something happens again in the future she said we’ll just put a new port in.
She also confirmed we are still waiting for additional information on my genetic testing, and we have more time to decide if I’m going to have another mastectomy. Apparently the official lingo for it is ‘contralateral prophylactic mastectomy’. I really go back and forth on this one. Such a terrible decision to have to make. I think I’ll ignore it for a bit longer…
So fingers crossed this cough clears up enough to have surgery next Tuesday otherwise I’m not going to be a very happy person!!!!