Living my Encore

Wow I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote to you, but when I look back it actually makes perfect sense! I’ve had our daughter Evie (6) home with me since mid-December and today she’s only just gone back to school! A very long time to be looking after her and her little sister!

I thought this morning that I would feel like having a party, that all the chat apps and Facebook etc would be bursting with messages. But it seems like everyone is just completely worn out. Today was less a celebration and more a collective sigh of relief.

I am enjoying Emilia so much, her little hands, her cuddles. She even tries to kiss me now! I don’t remember much of Evie at this age, which makes me sad but am also grasping onto each moment that I am fortunate enough to have with Emilia. I feel so delicate, aware that each moment is like my bonus round of life, that I received some great encore of my performance, and it’s truly humbling.

I know I’ve said before that my life nearly revolves around anniversary’s or dates. I realised recently I didn’t know what any of them were! I have been so busy with living life that I was able to lose track 🙂 But I started to wonder why I couldn’t remember some things when Evie was a baby, so I looked it up and realised that this May it will be 6 years since I had discovered my cancer for the first time. Evie was 11 months old, nearly how old Emilia is now. So it’s no wonder really what a blur some of that time was. It makes celebrating my 42nd birthday yesterday even more special.

In terms of statistics I’ve survived 6 years since discovering my cancer and nearly 4 years since finding it the second time. If I can make it another year then my chances of a recurrence go down significantly. Now that will be an anniversary worth remembering!