Emilia is One!

Our dear little Emilia turns one on Wednesday and it’s so huge to me. When Evie was turning 1 I had just had surgery and knew that chemo was not too far off. I never thought I would still be here, I certainly never thought I’d get to have another baby and that I would be so blessed to get to celebrate her turning one.

I ordered a massive, beautiful cake for Emilia. And even though we’re still in lockdown, and still not able to see more than one other household (in our garden) at a time, I want Emilia and Evie to be able to look back at photos and know that we made a fuss for Emilia. In 50 years when we’re no longer around, Evie will be able to tell her little sister about her very first birthday and how much fun she had and how very much she is loved.