On the up and up

I know I’ve said this before but sometimes you don’t realise how far down you are, how bad you really feel until you start to feel better. Goodness what a difference two units of blood can make!! I feel like I can breathe, like it’s not difficult anymore. This afternoon I’ve watched colour actually come back into my body. It’s amazing how that works. Everytime I felt tired or rundown or couldn’t breathe last week I just pushed through. I even went to Pilates! I had no idea that I was so unwell. I’m SO happy I came into hospital.
This morning my doctor gave me basically pain relief + codeine and it was awful. Made my skin crawl, was nauseous most of the day. But now that this blood is in me I feel amazing! No more headaches, my stomach cramps are completely gone. My body feels like a huge weight has been lifted. So relieved!
I saw my oncologist this morning and she told me the reason she wanted me to stay in last night is because my platelets are so low that if my cramping led to any cha chas and if I started bleeding then it would take me awhile to stop. She thought it would be best if I stayed in a place where I could be looked after if that happened.
The other news is that my last infusion of Gemcitabine (the small chemo) has been cancelled. My doc said that in order to have that last one of Gem that she’d have to reduce the dosage of my Carboplatin and she doesn’t want to do that. Carbo is the main one, the head honcho…so it looks like if treatment does go ahead on the 27th it will really be my last one. As you can probably guess I cried with joy!
I am staying in hospital tonight, I’m just now finishing my transfusion and then they are going to follow it up with some additional saline that has magnesium in it (apparently my magnesium is low). Then tomorrow morning I’ll have a blood test to see how I’m doing, wait to see my doc again and then get to go home.
There is one more piece of good news…my doctor prescribed me a sleeping pill for tonight so that I can get a full night sleep with no interruption. In the morning I’m going to feel like a rock star! Hooray! 🙂 xoxo