Cancer Day 107 / Chemo Session 4/8: The Third Floor…Again

Well hello third floor….again. 🙁 It seems I’m not having the best luck with this chemo malarky. After feeling relatively unwell and continuing to spike a temperature I finally called the cancer centre today. And now I’ve ended up being admitted. In some ways it’s good they don’t take any precautions with my health. But they aren’t giving me antibiotics. Just saline. So not sure what I’m doing here when I could be in my own bed 🙁
There was a weird temp doctor at the centre today and he was liaising with my oncologist over the phone. He said he needed to inspect my breasts as I might have an infection from breastfeeding. I was like WTF? Why would I be breastfeeding and be having chemo at the same time?? They don’t even want you to drink alcohol let alone have toxic chemicals running out of you into your baby’s mouth. And then when he inspected me and saw ‘Blue Tit’ he exclaimed I had an infection!! Um, get a clue. He’s working at the cancer centre, he should know what a sentinel node blue tint looks like.
So yeah, here I am. Apparently I’m neutropenic. They’ve put a sign on the door to my room notifying people that they need to put on a gown and gloves if they come in here. Tomorrow I’ll see my doctor and hopefully go home. I miss Elliott 🙁 He’s away in Saudi right now. I just hope I can get some sleep tonight…..