Cancer Day 122 / Chemo Session 5/8: Hola third floor!

So after a day of debilitating pain, what better way to end it then a trip to my favourite place!? Why the third floor of course! 🙂 This time I spiked a temp and I was tachycardic so into hospital I went…but this time I didn’t have to stay! They took blood and my results were ‘great’. So they sent me home with stern instructions to monitor my temperature. And they also showed me what meds to take and how often to minimise my pain. I can say I feel much better now. It’s not all gone, but it’s made a big dent at least.
I have an appointment with the nutritionist tomorrow so will have bloods checked again and see where they are at. Then I have an appointment with my oncologist on Monday and we’re going to come up with a plan to minimise my pain moving forward, especially given that chemo is cumulative so the pain will probably get worse before it finally goes away.

Feeling: Tired