Cancer Day 124 / Chemo Session 5/8: Be Brave!!

I think Thursday night was the worst night I’ve had since this whole mess started. I was trying to be a brave girl by going into hospital (again) on my own. But in reality I was super scared and wanted Elliott with me. My temp spiked to 38.5 and when I got in they were rushing around freaking out that my temp was ‘so high’. Stella (my nurse) took my jacket away, pushed two paracetamol at me, opened the window to my room and then brought me a massive antibiotic to take. But I hadn’t eaten any dinner. So I started dry heaving and my stomach was cramping. 🙁 then she brought me a cup of tea!? So British honestly! A cup of tea isn’t going to help someone stop feeling nauseous! She made me eat some digestives but it didn’t help. So then they made me take a pill for my intestines, an anti nausea pill, and finally a sleeping pill. I started shaking, almost passed out as my pulse was over 140. They hooked me up to some fluids, turned the light off and somehow I woke up at 7am in the exact position I fell asleep in. At some point they put a hospital bracelet on me. I don’t remember that.
But I got about 6 hours of sleep, uninterrupted. Which is the most I’ve had since this new bit of chemo. The pain keeps me from sleeping.
But by the time they let me go yesterday they decided I’ve got some sort of infection that just won’t leave. I’m on antibiotics for the next three weeks. They also think they’ve heard ‘crackling’ in one of my lungs. But what I didn’t realise is that with this new chemo (Paxlitaxal) is that my immune system hasn’t taken a hit. In fact, it’s really, really strong right now. Which is why they were surprised I ended up in hospital. I have my blood results and my white count is outstanding. Apparently it shouldn’t drop at all. Evie might even be able to go to play groups and see the other NCT babies again. Gosh that would be nice!!
I have an appointment with my oncologist on Monday to come up with a pain management plan for my next round of chemo. I really SHOULDN’T end up in hospital again unless it’s weird and freaky. I just have to manage the pain and fatigue and this will all be over soon. I think I’m going to start doing Pilates knowing my counts are good. Whew!!

Feeling: Tired