Cancer Day 126 / Chemo Session 5/8: We’re good to go!!

My appointment with my oncologist went well today. My blood pressure, pulse etc. are all normal. And my white blood count was above 25, way too high! So instead of my normal white blood cell injection the day after chemo I’m going to give myself a smaller dose three days in a row. What it does mean is that I’m no longer immunosuppressed. She said I can go about normal activities etc. now, stop isolating myself! 😀 Elliott had a good point though in that I don’t want to be fighting a cold whilst also fighting all the pain and issues I’m having with the chemo. We are almost done so there’s no point making things worse.
My doctor again tried to convince me to switch to weekly chemo sessions instead of the higher dose every couple weeks. The pros would be much less pain, but the cons is that it would stretch my chemo out by another 8 weeks. HELL NO. I’d rather take pain meds and anti-constipation pills for the next 6 weeks then have any part of this mess stretch into 2016. I plan on going into the New Year with a clean slate, none of this crap hanging over me!
So we’re cleared for chemo on Thursday, and then we’ll only have two left! The end is in sight!

Feeling: Proud