Cancer Day 128 / Chemo Session 5/8: One more month :)

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, October 22 is my last day of chemo. Less than a month to go to what I’m hoping/praying/whatever is my last chemo session ever for my entire life. Only I’ve been fairly upset lately thinking that it’s not, that somehow I’ll end up getting some sort of cancer again and be faced with having to have chemo again, and then choosing to not do it. It scares me to have to go through this again in the future.
But right now I’m trying to focus on tomorrow. My second dose of Paclitaxal, and knowing that the pain from it will probably kick in on Sunday. I’ve only been pain free a couple days and it’s so nice. Will just have to manage it better this time.
I’ve been in contact with the genetics counsellor regarding my BRCA test, trying to see what the results are. They aren’t in yet but really it should be any day now.

Feeling: Anxious