Cancer Day 130 / Chemo Session 6/8: Port Removal Scheduled

SO! Had my sixth session of chemo yesterday. Only 2 left!! So thrilled to be able to say that. And then very soon it will be one left.
Process was the same, but this time it was more about the people around us. So I never go out bald, Elliott is worried about children seeing me and making comments and me getting hurt. But I feel like when I’m in the Cancer Centre that it’s the one place where I can be myself around strangers and no one takes any notice of me. It makes me feel better! 🙂 There was a nice lady and it seemed like it was her first time having chemo. Every time I got up to use the loo or something she’d give me a big smile. And that’s when I realised there are definitely different ways people deal with seeing someone like me.
1:: The Secret Stare: This is one where people sneak peeks at you out of the corner of their eye (always totally obvious)
2:: The Questioner: They see you, stare for just a moment, and then just start asking questions about it. A good one I got yesterday was, “how long did it take for your hair to fall out”.
3:: The Big Smile: This was from the woman. She might have taken it in that I could be her future. But I just smiled back. 🙂
4:: The Fellow Patient: Most times you sit in the centre, and unless they are just being bald, you’re trying to figure out if everyone’s hair is real or not. It’s a fun game!
So we had a meeting with my nutritionist today which went well, but the BEST news ever is my port removal surgery has been scheduled. This is when I will really feel that chemo is over, that I’m actually done. November 10th!! SO SO excited. I’ve asked if I can keep my port after they take it out. If I can’t, then I’ve at least asked to see it before I leave hospital that day. Hooray!! x

Feeling: Good