Cancer Day 132 / Chemo Session 6/8: Goodbye eyebrows :(

Well my eyebrows and eyelashes have started to fall out. 🙁 I’ve got mild numbness in my fingertips and I’ve started to feel a bit achy so I’ve taken some ibuprofen. And even though I was on a sleeping pill last night I slept terribly. A little Miss Young decided she wouldn’t sleep well in her bed so I was fortunate enough to hear her shriek in my ear every hour or so throughout the night.
Elliott leaves tonight for a week to New York. He won’t be back until Saturday morning and even then, after an overnight flight he’ll be exhausted so it will still just be me. If you’ve not figured it out yet, this is me throwing a pity party for myself….I’m just getting super anxious about the pain, even though I know better how to manage it this time. Not feeling really excited about it. 🙁

Feeling: Anxious