Cancer Day 13: In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

My day started out incredibly stressful, trying to get Evie packed for her next few days with Nanny & Grandad and myself ready for a string of appointments. Elliott booked me into a hypnotherapy session with a woman who specialises in cancer. I was doing SO well in getting to it on time when I ran my car into a parked car. Was such a silly thing to do. And leave it to me to hit a parked car. But Elliott didn’t yell at me. Not on the eve of my surgery. Cancer card played again!
It was a very long day of bouncing around the hospital like a ping pong ball. My lovely friends came to my rescue and took care of me whilst Elliott was away today. Surgery tomorrow and I’m all marked up with ink ready to go first thing.
I’ve had loads of lovely messages and I’m sorry I’ve not been able to reply to you all just yet. I have seen them and I’m very thankful you’ve all stuck by me. Here’s to what I hope to be the quickest, easiest surgery ever. xx