Cancer Day 144 / Chemo Session 7/8: Thoughts on BRCA

I remember my oncologist saying to me that sometimes patients would find out they’re BRCA negative and be upset, that in many ways it’s easier to be positive because then there is a real reason as to having breast cancer. Many patients don’t like not knowing why they got breast cancer. I can tell you I am not one of those people. It could be my poor diet (loads of sugar), not being athletic enough, and tons more reasons. But really I just chock it up to bad luck. And my pros from it are that Evie doesn’t need to worry about it and I don’t have to have a double mastectomy or my ovaries cut out. Just hearing the news on the phone Elliott and I both got so emotional. Now we know exactly what is left and it’s all just a few weeks away.

Last chemo is still 22 October. At some point around it they are probably going to do another blood transfusion. They almost made it sound as if it was a gift for all the crap I’ve been dealing with lately. 🙂

Port removal 10 November, in and out procedure.

Radiation starts 16 November and ends 4 December. 3 weeks long each weekday.

And then that’s it!!! 🙂
So you can see we’re almost there. Right on the edge. And there are so many amazing things to look forward to. Fireworks party, Seth’s Christening (of which I’m Godmother! So thrilled x) Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and also Cancun 🙂 Plus I think after my port is out Ell and I might go away just us for a weekend. Get some rest and have a mini spa break.

Loads to be grateful for. Just loads 🙂 xx