Cancer Day 148 / Chemo Session 7/8: Almost done…

I am officially a mess. Not a ‘hot mess’ either. My hands and feet keep going numb, my pain is really….really bad this time. And I’m extremely emotional (maybe in part because of the pain?). I just keep thinking how in about a week it will be my last chemo session (hopefully ever?) and I just break down crying. I know people say I’m brave, that I’ve done so well, but I’m just so so ready to be done. I know I will probably cry through my whole next round. The end to this hell is so close I can see it, taste it and yet part of me keeps expecting something to go wrong.
I’m making sure to do everything right this round. I’m taking my injections like I should, being vigilant with hand washing, etc. I can’t have it postponed. I have to get through this so I can get my life back…(and hopefully my hair!!)

Feeling: Pain