Cancer Day 178 / Rad Session 9/20: Lymphedema

Exhausted, sore, pink, achy, and very very positive.
It’s amazing to me the ways in which I’m pulled through this whole process. Last week I was so despondent and yet this week I can feel the end in sight. I loathe running but I imagine it would be similar to running a marathon, turning the corner and finally seeing the finish line in sight. What that does to your mindset as you run that last bit….
My port operation went really well. My chest is very achy from having it out but the whole surgery was only 15 minutes. I can no longer see the tube protruding from my neck, and I feel a huge sense of relief that I am free. Free to fly, free of heart problems. It’s just so lovely 🙂
The past few days however I’ve been achy, and under my left arm (where today I’ve learned I am being radiated) it’s begun to swell and my arm is stiff to move. My boob and the area surrounding it is light pink now but not uncomfortable in any way. The radiographers want me to have it looked at and basically it looks like I probably have lymphedema. I have read some about it, and have always known it was a risk, but wasn’t aware it could be under my arm. I’ll see what the doctor says I can do about it. Until then I’m not going to worry.
I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving, and focusing my sights on the end of my treatment. I’m beginning to feel a bit of fatigue but it’s nothing I can’t handle. 🙂 🙂

Feeling: Positive