Cancer Day 31: Holy Ascot

Blistered feet, woozy head, but such a brilliant day. Going to Royal Ascot is such a different story whilst in the Royal Enclosure. We had such a good time and it was easy to just have fun. The people watching was SO good and I even saw a couple girls wearing my exact dress, the jerks! It was actually good to get angry about someone wearing my dress! I’m thinking having a distraction is the key to getting through this, or at least the key togetting through the weeks before chemo starts. I think that’s why I’m fixating on a special diet, it will give me something to focus on.
In other news I think we’ve decided to hire a full-time nanny to help with Evie over the next few months. It will be an interesting experience considering I’ll be here all the time but hopefully we’ll be able to find someone who adores our girl as much as we do.

Feeling: Good