Cancer Day 79 / Chemo Session 2/8: That’s better

I woke up this morning again in a pile of my own hair. And my head was itching so badly that I convinced Ell I needed to wash it. IMG_7322
The thing is, Elliott hasn’t wanted me to shave my head completely. And I fully understand. I can’t imagine how hard it is for him to watch me go through this, how hard it must be for him. He’s been so amazing and I’ve really tried to meet him halfway on things. But I needed to wash my head.
So I did.
And when I came out of the shower, I was mostly bald. But not bald in a good way. Bald in a patchy, oh dear god what the hell happened sort of way. So I grabbed Ell, then we sat on our bed, and he shaved my head while I cried. He kept saying I was his brave strong girl. But you know, I wouldn’t be any of those things if it weren’t  for him.
And then when he was finished he told me I looked like a gerbil.

Feeling: Amused