Cancer Day 80 / Chemo Session 2/8: Look Good, Feel Better, huh?

On Tuesday I went to a session at the Cancer Centre called ‘Look Good Feel Better’ where I got a massive bag of free cosmetics (decent stuff too, Lancome etc.) It’s the first time where I’ve sat around with a bunch of women in the same position as me. They were all nice enough (all at least 20 years older etc.)
What I’ve noticed though is that there is a big separation between cancer patients who have chemotherapy vs. ones who just have radiation. The chasm is massive really. Out of seven there were just two of us going through chemo. I could tell the other woman was just like me, staring at the others wondering why they needed makeup at all, they looked completely normal and healthy.
So after listening to loads of information I already know, I interrupted everyone and said, ‘This is a great session, but what I’d really like to know is how to draw my eyebrows on when they fall off. Or what can I do about eyelashes after they’re gone?’
The silence was deafening!!! But I thought that was the point really? And they showed how to line up eyebrows etc. and then said that chemo patients shouldn’t use false eyelashes as we might be more sensitive to the glue in them. So that was helpful 🙁
Today I went out by myself down the street for the first time since I can remember. I bought a card and a blueberry muffin. And more importantly I wore my wig. No one looked at me strangely and I didn’t feel that weird wearing it. But it really gave me a headache, it’s so tight on my head. As soon as I came home I took it off. I can’t wait for the rest of my hair to fall out because once it’s all nice and smooth etc. I don’t think I’ll care about being bald in public. But I will wear it if it makes other people more comfortable. I just sort of think that people should see me bald, and know what’s happening. The more people that do, the more people will check themselves, the more they will appreciate what they have, and then I might have helped more people. 🙂

Feeling: Ok

Moderate fatigue
Stomach cramps
Shortness of breath