Cancer Day 84 / Chemo Session 2/8: BRCA here I come!

So much in a day! First off, I was able to get my BRCA test fast-tracked to tomorrow! Bypassing 8 weeks makes me feel very special. AND, after speaking to the genetics counsellor he says I’ve only got about a 15% chance of being positive. Somehow that made me feel so amazing I can’t even tell you. Obviously it could be positive, but I’m really feeling much better about it.
The meeting with my oncologist went well. She prescribed me some sleeping pills just for the night before chemo and the few nights after. I was feeling really manic from the steroids and the stress. So I’m curious to see how this will go.
My wounds are all healing well, and something a bit strange is that my heart rate changes depending on which position I’m laying in. Because of that, and because of my palpitations I’m now not allowed to fly. So yeah 🙁 But we’re not going to have the surgery to fix the port. We’ll wait to have surgery to take the damn thing out! ha!!
We also found out the timeline is different then to what we thought. Right after chemo, within a couple of weeks, the port will be removed. Then a couple weeks after that we’ll most likely start radiation. And that should be finished by Christmas. So fingers crossed we’d be able to start the new year off fresh!!

Feeling: Tired