Cancer Day 87 / Chemo Session 3/8: So many drugs

Nothing can ever be straightforward. I get so prepped, ready and in my head geared up for the onslaught of chemo and then something happens and it spins me out of control.
This morning we got into the chemo room and there were quite a few chairs left which was great, but as soon as we sat down it was a bunch of grief about why we were there. Apparently my oncologist hadn’t switched the date to be Thursday like we had agreed in my appointment on Monday. So they needed to call her to confirm. Then they were worried about my liver function test results. They told us we couldn’t have chemo that day, and then we waited almost 3 hours until we got the go ahead. Up down all around. I just couldn’t handle it. And when they started the actual chemo push itself, I broke down sobbing. I don’t know what happened. I just got so overwhelmed with the whole thing, and knowing that the next week is going to suck just didn’t help. But I soon collected myself and then got the job done.
I’ve been having really bad headaches, everyday. I kept thinking I was dehydrated but no amount of water helped. Apparently it’s from my white blood cell injection. The flat areas of my skull inside are creating white blood cells, and that causing pressure and pain. It’s nice knowing there’s an actual reason for it and that they won’t last forever.
This time I was also given a prescription for heartburn. So many drugs!! But they are taking good care of me. My dear husband is worn out from the drama of today and is asleep in bed. I’m going to watch a movie 🙂 xx