Cancer Day 95 / Chemo Session 3/8: Becoming British, on the Third Floor

zebrabuttsYes, what has been our worst nightmare from the beginning came true last night as I was admitted to hospital. It was a series of events really. All day cha chas on Wednesday might have left me overly dehydrated. I might have an infection. I’m a bit anaemic, which is normal for chemo patients. I have a low temp that spiked in the middle of the night Thursday night and then went away.
But yes, this is the third floor and even though it started with tears by the time Elliott left me here last night I was making sure he knew I’d be okay and that I wasn’t scared. I think I’m being very British about the whole thing.
But I’m really shattered right now. No sleep Thursday and barely any last night. They woke me at 2 in order to take vitals. I’ve gotten maybe 4 hours total so hoping they send me home this morning!!

On the positive side:
No one stares at my bald head here
I get a hot cooked breakfast in bed
There’s a shower cap in my bathroom. Lol!
If I have to be admitted again in the future then I won’t have so much anxiety about it
And last but not least, the photo on the wall for me to stare at is Zebra bottoms. What on earth!? It’s like where bad photography comes to die!

Side effects:
Mouth sores
Heavy fatigue
Aches and pains

feeling exhausted at Parkside Hospital.