Cancer Free / Day 58: Cancer Free!!

Well I saw my radiographer, oncologist and breast surgeon today. Also I ended up having an ultrasound so got to meet another radiologist.
My days never end up being what I think they will be! But here’s the outcome:
Radiograher: Never have to see her again (ever!). She’s very happy with everything. My breast isn’t pink anymore and is normal so I’m done with her. Hooray!
Surgeon: I saw my surgeon today and everything is good. He’s such a perfectionist and wants me to make sure I rub oil into my port scar everyday.
Oncologist: I spoke to her at length about my anxiety of my cancer coming back. She went over the process for what would happen and I feel MUCH better about it. I know this sounds silly but I kept thinking if it came back then I would die. That it would be a death sentence and it’s just not the case. My type of breast cancer (if caught early) is very treatable and it does have a higher recurrance then all other types, but we caught mine early so I need to remind myself that. She suggested I speak to someone at the Cancer Centre about my anxiety and I think that’s a good idea. She also examined my armpit and my lumpectomy scar and they are very tender from the radiation treatment so she thought I should have an ultrasound. We also spoke about my gradual return to work and I told her about the pain in my hips/back/knees and she said something really good in that once I go full-time I can’t then go back to two days a week etc. That I need a much more gradual return so that I can build up my strength. I’m not good at pushing back so I did that today with work. They wanted me to do 3 days this week and then 4 next week so I’ve said I’m only doing 2 this week and then hopefully 3 next week. I feel much better about that schedule and glad my doctor supports it.
I also had a blood test and I’m all normal and good. I also had a test for breast cancer and ovarian cancer markers and I’m all negative. 🙂
I asked her if this means I’m in remission and she said no. It means that the cancer is gone, that I’m cancer free. (and yes….I cried)
Radiologist: I saw a new guy tonight and he said everything was normal. So I’ll just keep an eye out but the tenderness should settle down over the next few months.
So I don’t have to see my oncologist or surgeon again for 3 months. I’m relieved. Exhausted from so many appointments….but relieved!!

Feeling: Happy