Cancer Free / Year 1: Day 1: Feeling Thankful

Well here we are, one year out from treatment. One year past chemo and radiation. Last year on this day I was wondering what would change for me a year out from treatment, and really if I would even still be here to contemplate it…
But I am, and despite my complainings about being sick, in general I’ve been pretty well. I’ve become much stronger this past year, pushing myself harder than I ever have before. When I’m in Pilates, I do an extra rep just because I can.
As strong as I feel, I do also feel held back. I still don’t have all the feeling back in my fingers and toes, my immune system isn’t as robust as others, and I have to have mini-breaks as I get worn out pretty easily still.
All in all, I shouldn’t complain, can’t complain. I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving this year outwardly, but it doesn’t mean I’m not in a constant state of being thankful. My heart is overwhelmed with thanks, and I’m so truly grateful for the friends and family that have helped me on this journey. Here’s to the next year….
Feeling: Thankful