Friday’s chemo went off without a hitch. “So gentle” that they didn’t give me any medications to take afterwards. The whole thing didn’t take very long as it was just the one chemo drug, but Elliott said I still went really pale as the crap went into me.

I felt well enough to make it to a friend’s wedding but had to skip out on the rest of it. Just so tired lately!

Elliott told me he’d need to be in Scotland this week for work and wanted Evie and I to go with him. I always say no, especially lately as I won’t know how I’ll feel from day-to-day. But I tell you, I woke up Saturday morning and looked around and said, “Let’s go to Scotland!!!!!!”

I’m sick of just the back and forth of it all right now. Chemo/work/making dinner, cleaning the house. I need a break. I need to just have some fresh air, sleep in a 5 star hotel bed and eat in restaurants. I don’t want to think about how I feel. Evie is exhausted from being in school 5 days a week, I’m exhausted from always being at the stupid cancer centre. So we’re going to take the train up to Edinburgh on Tuesday and stay a few days. Just a small break, but desperately needed by the two of us.

I go tomorrow to the cancer centre to have my blood checked. I’m pretty sure my doc wants to see how my white blood cell injection is working and perhaps to gauge if I’ll still be on track to have chemo the first of November. I did consider I might lose my hair this week and I still can’t find my wig anywhere. If I’m in Scotland and my hair starts to come out, well Evie and I will go into a barbershop and have the crap shaved off! Then who cares? I lost it once, I can lose it again. Basically everything else is more important right now 🙂 xoxo