So I’ve not been feeling very well this week. My stomach cramps have taken over. I had my (clears throat) cha chas yesterday quite badly. Popped my lovely meds straight away but it doesn’t get rid of the pain. The pain is SO bad that I can’t breathe when it happens. I just want to lay on the floor in a ball until it subsides. And when it finally does go the relief I feel is like winning the lottery, that is until five minutes goes by and my stomach is cramping again. I finally just started spoon feeding drugs into my system to see if one would work. Buscopan, which is designed for cramps, has done the trick.
I feel like through this whole journey that I’ve maintained my positivity but I have to say I’m feeling really rundown right now and a bit teary. I keep telling myself I just have one more cycle left but this is getting harder and harder to manage. I’m not sleeping very well, my headaches have started, the cramping, and the mouth sores…plus my heart is racing and I’m finding it difficult (at times) to breathe.
I’m ready now for this to be done. I’m so weary from it all.