I’m sitting at Cancer Centre London right now. Before I start I just want to say that this place is staffed with the loveliest, most amazing people you’ll ever meet. My complaints will usually only ever be because this is still a place where anyone who walks through the door either has Cancer, thinks they might have Cancer, or are in remission for Cancer. Which makes this place in the top of the list of places you don’t want to come into, EVER;

So why am I here? I’m having a kidney test that required me to have an injection of light radiation (x-ray strength) and then over the next few hours they take samples of my blood to measure how effective my kidneys are at cleaning my blood.

Why are they doing it? To see if my kidneys are healthy enough to bash the crap out of them. So they can see what type/amount etc, of chemo they can give me.

So why am I a bit emotional right now? Because this is the first time I’ve had to be inside the chemo unit since the last time I had chemo.


Yes that’s right. So the first two hours I was sat in nuclear medicine, then I put some numbing gel on my port and 20 minutes later I was down in chemo, surrounded by patients having chemo. One was wearing a hat, the other had bald patches. Both looked sick. I obviously started losing my shit and I started to cry. Luckily a lovely woman named Julie rescued me and made me laugh. She always does that. She curses like a sailor and has crazy hair. When I get older I’d love to be her.

I cried a bit and she calmed me down. Then another veteran, Ivan helped access my port. Unlike my dodgy port last time this one is ‘very smooth’ and ‘no problem’. Lucky me!? ugh

So I’m sat here, already exhausted of this place and looking forward to seeing my bestie across the road in a bit. I’m going to treat myself to a soya latte and a slice of cherry pie. Then later when I’m home I’m going to bury myself in the comfort of my bed…

Needles today:

Kidney function test

Portacath access, with three blood draws

Oh, and to top it all off, the leading magazine in front of me is Baby!! UGHHHHHHHH