I get called a lot of things lately. Inspiring, amazing, lovely, brave…and all from you, my friends, family, workmates etc. And I never really feel any of those things. Not really. I mean, do you? If you think about it would you ever call yourself any of those things?

But it’s probably fitting that for once, I do feel something. I feel brave. It’s come on me pretty fully. Don’t get me wrong I’m still pretty scared and most certainly will cry a few times between now and the end of Thursday…but then I’ll wake up Friday morning and get through the day. For the first time I feel I can see through the chemo and around to the other side. I have grand plans in store for me and being brave is all I have time for!

One thing that helped me immensely lately was going to work. I know most people would balk at that, but the people I work with are some of the loveliest people I’ve ever known. My team in particular are just amazing human beings. They are the ones you love to be with all day, every day. They fight in the trenches with you, they celebrate your successes. They are awesome (I obviously have some say over the hiring!! haha). Today we moved into our new office space; it’s an amazing thing to see. We designed it ourselves and were supported by our leadership team every step of the way. Our workspace designed for the people that use it. I’ll have to get proper photos of it, it’s a vision!

In the photo I’ve shown here, I saw this sign outside a mini-spa on my way home. And obviously my first thought was not a pedicure, but that my next treatment will be chemo. I know that many of you who have seen me lately think I look healthy, really good etc. It’s because I am. This next stage is the one that will make me feel and look sick. I’m not going to edit that out for you here. I didn’t last time and I won’t do it this time. I’m asking you to be brave with me, but if you can’t. Then look away. I won’t be upset. I know this can be easier to go through then to watch others have to do it.

I am brave. We can be brave together. xoxoxo